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Continuing Education for the Soul

Are you willing to learn how to put what you know aside temporarily?


Are you able to learn how to be as interested in your own healing as you are in your client's?

Let us align with our trust in our unique education and knowledge. Let us align with our deep intention to create healing for the people who come to us. Let us acknowledge that healing rarely happens within what is known - by either us or the client.  We seek to offer more then a band aid. We seek change. 

We learn how to transcend our mental knowledge, to come into the present moment, to breathe, to allow something new to unfold. We do this to acknowledge the hidden answers the body has to its own healing process.


We seek what is new. We seek what is unseen. We seek what may not have been possible only moments or breaths before.


We slow down, we embody, we awaken. Our client flowers. Relationship changes. Relationship heals.

So many of us struggle with the same core issues - to be seen, to be heard, to feel worthy. When we bring these needs and issues into the forefront of the relationship, an opportunity for deeper healing occurs.


Not everyone takes it up. Not everyone notices. But you as healer change. You as healer become. You as healer find the need of your presence in the room. You find value not just as healer but as human meeting human. The Mind has an opportunity to become a part of all you are, a part of all you offer. You transcend.

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