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Nessa Emrys

Nessa trained in alternative healing and energy medicine for over 13 years. She has completed The PsychoEnergetics Training Program  and is a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner as well as having apprenticed with the Hero's Journey Foundation. She has spent the past 7 years developing a diversified practice. Nessa brings healing as a life's work into everything she does.  She is active in more than one non for profit -helping bring children and young adults into theater and the outdoors. Nessa is passionate about creating deep transformation in herself and those around her. To that end, she continues studying and asking the question "What creates transformation and healing?"

Soul Shifting and Embodied Presence

Welcome. As we breathe together, we open to the reality of life as a process of becoming.

Having others witness the unfolding of self is the essence of healing.

I offer you the opportunity to awaken into the life you already have.

I offer you the possibility of a life of worth, value, and purpose.

I offer you the camaraderie of being seen, being heard, being acknowledged.

You have all the knowledge you need to create the life you want.

I have the tools to help you remember them.

Together, we can discover the true value of being alive on our planet.

I offer an array of services for your needs. These include private sessions, couples/relational sessions, classes, workshops,  group work, and Doula services. Contact me and together we can decide what service works best for you.

Most of my clients are people who are seeking MORE in their lives - From a general apathy towards life, to physical disease, to the desire to consciously create more for themselves, to looking for ways to break out of lifelong repeating patterns. I offer the ability to cultivate a conduit of communication between the known and unknown. I utilize techniques including but not limited to  mindful meditation, hands on healing, breathing techniques, shamanic dreamwork , and active spiritual guidance. I seek to empower my clients to  talk to their physical bodies as a part of the whole self. To become an embodied person in a physical body effects change on a soul level. The path to spirit and emotion flows into a wholeness that brings eros into life in all forms. 


Everything I offer is complementary to traditional medical care, and can be adjunctive and supportive during on-going treatment by medical doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists and mental health care professionals.

I do not diagnose illness or disease (physical or mental). I do not prescribe medical treatments or pharmaceuticals. I am not a licensed massage therapist, psychotherapist, or medical doctor. Energy healing is not a substitute for medical attention and I will willingly refer you to professionals that can further support you in these areas as would be appropriate.            

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