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Ambrosia can be defined the nectar of the gods.



As healers and business owners, Nessa and Joe seek. We seek our own happiness. We seek our own joy. We seek our own souls. We do this to create a feeling of contentment and happiness. We do this to find our own ambrosia. And then we offer it to the people we work with. Sometimes this looks like pain relief. Sometimes this can be a guided meditation. We may offer incense, herbs, or just listening with someone in deep interest as they talk through their problem or pain. Our unique blend of education and seeking allows for the possibility of anything to happen. Our willingness to surrender into the unknown creates room for mystery and magic. 


Nessa and Joe are passionate about finding the secrets of disease and pain in the body. They continually seek knowledge that will help them understand how to bring people into experiences of wholeness and community. For over 20 years their relationship has grown and healed. Their business is an extension of their own ambrosia - their eros with life and all it brings - good and bad. Collectively they have studied and learned many alternative healing philosophies, meditation techniques and spiritual doctrine. They have gleaned through their learnings, bringing their own eros into what they teach and what they do. Whether they are working separate or together their teachings and practices complement each other. 


Ambrosia Healing Arts has been alive for over 20 years in us. It continues to shift between group work, private practice, and education.


In every offering Ambrosia Healing Arts asks these questions -


How can we heal the root of disease?

How can we aid in healing the root of human kind's dis-ease?






Call or Text: ‪(360) 386-5938‬

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